Progress as a constant factor

Van Vlastuin Agro continuously invests in innovation, people, processes and equipment. This way we ensure that your transport runs as efficiently as possible. Some examples of innovations:

Van Vlastuin Agro innovates and invests continuously in the renewal of its equipment. We strive for the lowest possible weight for both trucks and trailers. This allows us to use the maximum load capacity factor. All our trailers (both tippers and walking floors) are equipped with so-called dust bag(s), which makes it possible to unload virtually dust free and well dosed. We also have the option of transporting partial batches (both in bulk and on pallets/in big bags) with our walking floor trailers.

Education, training our employees
In addition to technology, our employees – especially the drivers – play an important role in optimising and professionalising our operations. All our drivers are therefore regularly trained, also in the context of the mandatory ‘Code-95’ training for professional drivers. We offer our drivers (practical) training for this purpose, which includes retraining, in the field of driving style, damage prevention and specific topics such as the safe and responsible transport of feed and consumer goods (GMP).

ICT and customer communication
Van Vlastuin Agro developed its own ICT portal where all transport orders and processes can be tracked. After the process of unloading, CMR waybills and weighing slips are quickly available online. The system also makes all historical information available.

The ICT portal focuses on quality control, cost savings and process optimisation. It generates information that our customers and Van Vlastuin Agro both benefit from. We also regularly guide our drivers with driving style analyses generated by the on-board computer. This way, we can give each driver individual guidance to help further improve and professionalise their driving style and work.

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