Additional services

Private workshop for maintenance and adjustment

Van Vlastuin Agro has its own workshop with its own brake bench, tyre service and hydraulic service. This is where maintenance is carried out on our fleet. Our company is RDW certified, which means we also carry out MOT inspections and tachograph calibrations. Not only do we keep our own equipment in top condition in the workshop, we also make adjustments to trucks and trailers. For example, to make them lighter and more economical. Many large and small technical innovations and improvements have already been developed in our workshop.

Because Van Vlastuin Agro has its own weighbridge (max. 60 tons), we are not dependent on third-party services. This makes us more effective and saves time and money. The weighbridge is also available to third parties. Our weighbridge is open 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. The weighbridge is closed on Sundays.

Washing facility
Hygiene is an important aspect in the GMP-certified transport of (organic) raw materials. As such, it is no surprise that Van Vlastuin Agro has invested in a washing facility on its own business premises in Ede, where a full-time washing specialist cleans our equipment according to the applicable protocols.

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