Specialist in the international transport of bulk agricultural products.

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More than 40 years of experience in the agricultural sector

Van Vlastuin Agro was founded in 1982 by H. van Vlastuin. In that year he started an agricultural contracting company and carried out work for third parties. 

Van Vlastuin Agro has specialized in the transport of bulk goods since 1995. The focus was soon on agricultural products and animal feed raw materials.

Even in the early stages, the focus came to be on agricultural products and raw materials for animal feed. From the beginning, our company looked for innovative solutions to make transport more efficient, flexible and sustainable. For example, in 1998, we started using so-called walking floor semi-trailers. These are equipped with a horizontal unloading system, which means that higher volumes can be transported. Up to approx. 95 cubic metres! It is also possible to transport entire loads of pallets and big bags.

70 people work at Van Vlastuin Agro, including seven employees at the corporate office in Ede. Our company has its own workshop, weighbridge and washing facility and can therefore operate with maximum flexibility.

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Agrarisch transport

Internationaal transport

International transport from country to country

We do it right or we don’t do it at all.’ Van Vlastuin Agro puts this slogan into practice on a daily basis.

We are a driven family business. Our committed employees are always looking to improve the service. For example, our automated processes are at a high level and we have transport combinations that, due to lower weight, can transport more cargo. 

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Conscious about people and nature

As a specialist in the transport of organic raw materials, Van Vlastuin Agro is focused on sustainability. Not only is the transport of these goods carried out according to clear protocols, we also take people and nature into account in our own business operations.

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Agrarisch transport
Agrarisch transport

On the road together

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